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All Saints' Sunday - 30th Oct, 11am

All Saints' Day you might know better as 'All Hallows' and the evening before as 'Halloween'*.

Join us at

11am, Sunday 30th Oct

the Venerable Bede Church

West Road, NE4 8AP

for a celebration service. This is a great time to come along if you are curious about church or if you know someone who is.

*The festival of All Saints' is traditionally a time when we remember those who have gone before us, the stories of saints, and those who have died. We celebrate how when Jesus Christ was resurrected he triumphed over death and evil (hence why people would wear 'scary' costumes to mock the devil and evil spirits). At this time of year people would also light candles to put on graves, or bonfires (and later, fireworks!) as a symbol of how the light of life continues to burn bright.


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