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Notice of APCM 2020 (annual meeting)

Sunday 11th October 2020

Benwell & Scotwood Team's 'Annual Parochial Church Meeting' meets once a year and receives reports on changes to the electoral roll, general parish activities, and finances.

It is also when we elect members of the PCC and churchwardens. This year's meeting will be held directly after the Sunday morning service (10.50am)

There are some forms and paperwork below which you can complete by downloading and either emailing it or printing and posting it to the clergy. Or you can contact us to request a paper copy.


Read the annual report from across the team. Download here >


Official Notices:

Forms to fill out:


We have two surveys to complete. We know it's the last thing you want to do, but please take the time to have your say, it will make a difference.

1. Worship Review

(This is anonymous, tell us what you really think!)

2. Helping out

Want to get more involved? Have ideas? Doing something already and it's not been noticed? Let us know!

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