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Our journey of faith begins with Baptism. It is a declaration of faith, a celebration of becoming part of God’s family and commitment to following Jesus Christ. 

Christening is just another word used for the baptism of a child. Both adults and children can be baptised and we are pleased to welcome those seeking Baptism of any age. (If you are an adult who wishes to be baptised, please get in touch here)


How to arrange a christening

The easiest way to arrange the service is to fill out the enquiry form below. We will then be touch to arrange the pre-baptism meeting.

Or you are always welcome to come along to speak to us after a service or whenever we are open.


Is there a charge?

No. It’s free!
If you would like to give donations on the day then we are always grateful as this helps us to continue offering this ministry in Benwell & Scotswood, but there is no pressure to do so.

We’re not married or my partner isn’t around – can we still have our child baptised?

Yes! Of course!

I am not baptised – can my child still be baptised?

Yes, of course!
All are welcome to be baptised. We encourage you to choose Godparents who have been baptised as the people to guide and encourage your child in faith. However, if there is someone special who you would like to have a role, then we will certainly involve them in the service and make sure that is celebrated.

Can adults be baptised?

Yes! Anyone can be baptised. Speak to us and we will talk you through what happens. Normally we will help adults prepare by doing a short baptism course with them.

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