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Losing a loved one is a confusing time. Please don’t hesitate to contact the clergy, who can help you with immediate practicalities as well as offer long-term support.

A funeral, like any parting or farewell, is sad and difficult, but a Christian funeral is also a celebration of hope and continued life in Jesus Christ as we give those we have loved into God’s care.

A meaningful and beautiful funeral does not have to be expensive and we can help you through the options with the Funeral Director. Funerals can happen in the Church before the committal at the Crematorium or Cemetery. Memorial services after a funeral can also take place in the church. We also have church halls available for hire for a wake or other occasions.

This website can also help you with your plans: Church of England Funerals >



Grief impacts us all in different ways and can be too much to bear alone. You can always contact our clergy who are here for you, you can come light a candle in one of our churches, come to a service, and we can pray with you if you wish. There are also some local bereavement services that you may find helpful:

Cruse Bereavement Care Tyneside



Phone: 0191 276 5533

National helpline: 0808 808 1677

Marie Curie Bereavement Support Service

Our friends at Marie Curie Newcastle have a Bereavement Support Service designed to meet the needs of bereaved people in the community who have lost someone due to COVID, or whose grief process has been impacted by COVID.

Contact Louise Bowen, COVID Bereavement Co-ordinator:

Phone: 07754747982


Tell Us Once

When someone dies you will need to report the death to many organisations and government departments.

The Tell Us Once service makes this process easier. You only need to provide the details to the Department for Work and Pensions once, and they will notify the organisations who need to know.


How does it work?

You will need to register the death at the council register office in the area where the death took place in advance of using the Tell Us Once service. When you register the death you will be given a unique number for Tell Us Once and advised by the registrar how to use the service.

Once you have registered the death with your local authority, options to contact the government Tell Us Once service are online, face-to-face or by phone.

Go to the Tell Us Once website >

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