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Art Club Auction - 21 Sep

The art club are holding an auction on 21st September to raise funds for the Something Wonderful project!

The Tyneside Irish Centre have very kindly given us a venue - 43 Gallowgate, NE1 4SG.

Doors to viewers open at 4pm with the auction starting from 5pm.

We have over 120 paintings for sale created by people that are attending Something Wonderful project. A catalogue will be appearing soon, so watch this space!

You can currently view the paintings during the week at St James Benwell.

Come along to support the creativity that is evolving in the heart of the West End of Newcastle.


View the catalogue here if you can't make it on the evening email us your details and your maximum bid.

Auction catalogue something wonderful 2023 smaller file
Download PDF • 51.26MB

For further information:

Artep Avordno, Artist in residence: 07473 270285

The Revd Christopher Minchin, Vicar and project lead 07792267223


Press release

art club auction press release
Download DOCX • 19KB

The members of ‘Something Wonderful’ art club are auctioning over 120 of their artworks to keep their club going! The art club had been funded to run for a year, but when this funding was coming to an end, the 20+ group decided it had to continue. So they decided to auction their own work to pay for more materials and pay their tutor.

The club’s main purpose is to improve mental health and well-being by helping the most disadvantaged in our community gain confidence and develop resilience though active participation in the arts. The art club is led by a professional artist Artep Avordno.

The project has already engaged and enlivened regular foodbank users who are now participating in the arts for the very first time. Something Wonderful is not only giving people something to do but also is helping individuals grow out of their comfort zone but within safe space.

What the members say:

Shakira: “Art allows me to be myself and it often makes me feel free. When I draw/paint etc. I often get lost in my thoughts.”

Katrina about artwork: “I love to try new things, broaden my horizons, and have challenges to try. I draw to escape from the painful memories I went through. It makes me stronger in every way.”

Amanda: “I really enjoy coming to the art club, drawing, painting and using oil pastels. It has helped with my mental health taking my mind to a better place for a while at least.”

Majid: “I love art and it makes me feel peace and relax. I suffer with schizophrenia. Somehow it makes my brain different and more creative for example I can see or think of three different views at once. I have been homeless for over three years now. I have met and talked to so many people about so many different things. Now I am trying to draw or paint everything I have learnt in last few years.”

Eleanor about her “Love” painting: “I made this artwork in memory of my loving husband on Valentine’s Day. His heart will always be with me, always loved and never forgotten with his bright sense of humour.”

Stacey: “I used to do art with my auntie before she died. She was a proper artist. The collaboration in art club is something I like the most. It is something me and my aunties used to do. I like how I move my hand when I do the collaboration piece. It is a motion with the ocean. Creating helps me to concentrate and forget about things, forget what I am going through now. It takes just that little edge off, not too much of an edge but then when art club finishes everything comes back to me.”

Kevin: It’s about reaching for the stars and hope this is a visual way to show we can overcome anything!”


‘Something Wonderful’ is a project of St James Church, Benwell, that aims to help the most vulnerable and isolated in the west end of Newcastle, whatever their background or belief, to enable all to participate in and strengthen their local community. Activities include a pay-what-you-feel cafe, welfare support sessions, asylum seeker and refugee, mental and physical health support, local history group, gardening, volunteering, and more!

We have named the project ‘Something Wonderful’ because we want to do just that – continue to be a place run by and for the community where you can encounter/eat/learn/create/do or be something wonderful.


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